How to visit Jinja (shrines)

Visitors to Japan like traditional places and are intrigued with its magical customs. 
You love to visit jinja or shrines, otera or temples in Japan.  However you may not know how to visit them. 
So this page instructs you how to do at the places with two short and tall guides.  Enjoy it !

at a Jinja...

Bow once deeply at a Torii or a gateway to a Jinja.


Take a dipper at a Temizu-ya with your right hand and fill it with water.  Pour some water over your left hand to rinse.

Do not gargle!

Shift the dipper to your left hand and rise your right hand.


Shift the dipper to your right hand again and pour water into your left cupped hand and dip your lips.  Do not drink or gargle with water! -^^-

This is so simple....

Finally rise the stick with remaining water and put it onto Temizu-ya.


Step to the Honden and do an ichiyu - a little bow once.

Sorry for my acts...

Ring the bell and make a money offering.


Bow twice deeeeeeply and clap your hands twice.

Players, no prayers...

Pray to kamisama or god, and bow once deeply.


When you are out, bow once at the torii.

and get a goshuin.

How to visit Tera (temples)

at a tera....

Bow once deeply at a tera or temple gate.


Offer incense sticks. This may be 100 yen or around.

Don't play with a bell.

Step to the Hondo and do an ichiyu (a little bow once).


Ring the bell and make a money offering.

Very tired...

Join your hands in prayer.


An ichiyu (a little bow once)

Then, let's get a goshuin with a goshuin notebook.

Goshuin is a red color stamp and handwritten letters given at a jinja and a temple you visit as the proof of visit them.

Goshuin notebook is a special book for keeping stamps.


If you wish it, you are given at shrine office, usually says ”御朱印はこちら” goshuin here, to your note, i.e., Goshuin notebook.
Usually it costs 300 yen for a goshuin.  When you ask, the staff write solemnly. You will be given it at the site.


Kaminomika sells a special goshuin notebook, Goshuin Postcard.  This is our patented product. See more info here.